viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

Im want some information/Deseo Saber cierta Informacion

Parte en español
Hola buen dia Quiero saber :
  • Que Piensan del Remix.
  • Que problemas han tenido
  • Algun Comentario?.
Esto es importante para mi!... para mejorar!...
Todo el equipo que desarrollo LoC-OS Linux!

ENGLISH PART: (i have to edit it)
Im received messages in the facebook page project, and i doing some 2 language post. if you find translation error, then reply it..
I Want Some Data:

  • what  think about the remix
  • Problems of using it.
  • comments or ideas for putting in the next version.
This is so important to me, for advance ... THANKS. 

All  the LoC-OS Linux Team  said IT... and Again THANKS!
ho. forgot.. when start the live CD -> and this is the same when the system is istalled
username and password(is the same in both)... ->"loco" without quotes. 
And for ROOT account -> one space and hit enter.

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